Versa Portraits can offer you a fantastic
Nursery Photography service.

The great thing with nurseries is that normally we can have a little more time with each child, meaning we can make your child feel comfortable and capture photos that you will cherish forever.

We can offer a traditional service or an 'at play' service if you don't have the room for one of our studios. Our unique Nursery Photography software means that parents can take proofs home with them that very same day and order direct from us. With no admin for your nursery.


Key benefits for your nursery

No administration - When we say no admin, we mean no admin. Parents deal directly with us, no need to collect money for orders as this is all done via web, phone or post and all orders are dispatched direct to parents.

Proof on the day - Our proofs are printed as the photos are taken, pupils take these away with them on the day and can order that same night.

Free staff photos - Free staff photos, or even better a staff board!

Groups – We can also cater for your nursery group photos. Traditional or contemporary.


Key benefits for parents

Multiple Poses - We like to take our time on each child at nurseries, meaning more choice for parents.

Smart Packs (order what you want) - If parents order online they can use our 'order what you want' service. This enables the customer to move away from the traditional packs and order the exact size and amounts of photos that they wish. This is one of the main features about Versa Portraits, the more parents order the more they save.

Excellent value products - We constantly monitor our prices, and listen to the feedback of our parents.

Gift ideas - Mouse-mats, Mugs, Jigsaws, Key-rings and so much more, you name it, we sell it!

Online ordering - Parents can view and zoom in on photos online to ensure that they are happy with the choices they have made.

Fast and free delivery - Absolutely free delivery and no late order fees. We have a 3 day turnaround at the point of ordering, this is increased to 5 days in December.

10% discount if ordered within 1 month - on top of the savings parents have already made, we also give them 10% extra off if they order within a month of the photograph being taken.

Versa Portraits are one of the UK's leading national school and nursery photography companies.
With many years in the trade, in-house software and a dedicated lab. 
We feel we have the right knowledge, know-how and staff to offer you a service above and beyond any other.

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