Group Photography

Group photos are great memories of your school days and at Versa Portraits we love creating memories.

Class, sports and whole school photography. Like our individual photography system we can print proofs for each child on the day of the event. With our online ordering system parents can login using the unique reference number provided on the proof and order direct from us. Upon logging in parents will be able to see the photo and even zoom in to make sure there child has a perfect smile.


Traditional group photography inside or outside, or our new panoramic groups

you decide what's best for your parents and easier for you.


All of our group photos can have the school name, class name, year and logo attached to the photo. For traditional group photos we can even attach the pupil names.


Versa Portraits are one of the UK's leading national school and nursery photography companies.
With many years in the trade, in-house software and a dedicated lab. 
We feel we have the right knowledge, know-how and staff to offer you a service above and beyond any other.

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